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In general

We check if our suppliers' working and production facilities meet the basic standards for a clean and proper human production environment. We visit our main suppliers regularly or ask them to complete our questionnaire. 
Our standard is that our main suppliers sustainably work in their facilities in the broadest sense.


We have many different suppliers of boxes and cartons. In itself, carton, paper, and boxes are good from a sustainability point of view as long as we recycle them as much as possible. This is something our logistics department is implementing continuously. At Royal Aruba Aloe, we recycle all boxes we get with raw materials and reuse the boxes with our products that come back empty from our stores. Furthermore, we always check with our suppliers to use only recycled material for making the boxes and cartons.
Our standard is that the suppliers of our cartons, boxes, and paper use at least 70% of recycled materials in our boxes and cartons.

Plastic tubes and bottles

Plastic in itself is a very bad material for the environment, so we need to avoid it as much as possible. Unfortunately, most tubes and bottles are still made of plastic. Some plastics are worse than others. PVC, for instance, is a material we need to avoid. Our plastic tubes and bottles are made from recycled materials (Like PCR: Post Consumer Resins).
Our standard is that our suppliers of plastic tubes or bottles use at least 70% of recycled materials in our tubes and bottles, never to use any PVC plastics for our packaging, and use as many bio-degradable materials as possible for our tubes and bottles

Other materials

We are always looking for sustainable materials made from recycled or biodegradable plant materials. 
Our standard is that we always look for and prefer packaging materials that are biodegradable or Post Consumer (recycled) materials. Especially in our gift set packaging, we use many different materials. Practically all are already sustainable materials (like cotton or jute bags).
Our standard is that we do not use any single-use plastic bags. 


Our standard is that we will be using claims on our labels (identifying the above standards), and we will be using symbols/icons to show that and always ask for 70% PCR or Biodegradable materials for all our labels.

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