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There are many different standards regarding what ingredients are acceptable and which are not. Some companies set their own standards and publicize lists of products (ingredients) they do not allow in their stores. Some of these lists even contradict each other.
Therefore Royal Aruba Aloe uses the EWG (Environmental Work Group) Skin Deep database at: to establish a standard concerning ingredients.

Our standard is that we strive that on the EWG scale of 1-10, our ingredients are always below a score of 4 and are not present on the EWG Unacceptable list.

If specific customers have their own lists, we will handle their requirements per case.

Aside from the EWG score, there are ingredients that we try to avoid for other reasons. And there are trends going on in the market that are not always based on science but are solid trends that we must recognize.
For example, the fact that wash active ingredients should be Sulfate Free, and that preservatives from the Parabens group should not be used.

We also check if our ingredients are compatible with California's Proposition 65 (and almost all are).

We are always looking for certificates from our ingredients suppliers that the products are Cruelty-free / phthalate-free / Sulphate free / Paraben free, and Vegan.

We strive to go digital with all documents, test templates, R&D formulas, and white papers.

- Our standard is not to use Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, or Formaldehyde (releasers) in our products.

- Our standard is to use only Sulfate free surfactants and ensure that our products are Phthalate free.

- Our standard is that we make all of our products VEGAN and Cruelty-free.

And then there are ingredients we like that are perceived as particularly sustainable, like plant-based materials and seaweed.


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