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Alhydran is a concentrated medical cream for the treatment and hydration of vulnerable skin immediately after wound closure. Suitable for the after care of scars, (sun)burns, dry, painful and red skin. Helps to prevent scar formation and reduces itching and redness. Alhydran contains a high percentage of pure Aloe Vera gel, Jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin C. Alhydran is skin friendly, paraben free, fragrance free, clinical proven and not tested on animals.

Alhydran is successfully used in plastic and reconstructive surgery at burn centers and hospitals in the after-care of burn patients. Use Alhydran for prevention and treatment of scars, after laser therapy, radiation therapy, peeling, acne, burns and other dermatological treatments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 511 reviews
Rosalie Celaire-Metze

Feels good/heals good/loves your skin…..

Ricardo Vrolijk
Excellent Product

I have been using this product for two years and would not change it for another. Results are remarkable and is for any skin type.

Diana Eggink


V. Rasmijn
Genius invention and a must have cream in my skin care collection!

This cream is outstanding! I use this to soothe my face after a day at the beach, it calms the redness. Also after facial treatments, like peeling and retinol side effects etc. It takes away the patchiness the days after. This is a must have cream in my collection. This is my anti-aging go to moisturizer together with the Special Care lotion. My husband also uses this cream when he has some eczema flair ups. It goes away after one or two nights. He just uses it in the morning before work. This cream is allround for me. The cream is thick, but not greasy. It soaks in quite quickly and the day after your face is super soft and glowy. Love it! Can't live without it. As a side note coming from a skin care junky ;) This cream is definitely a better investment than all the high end skincare brands out there! Don't think about, just get it!

Angelie Arends


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