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Luxe Foot Creme 6oz

Our Luxe Foot Cream is a rich cream made with 100% Pure Aloe Vera from Aruba, nourishing Shea Butter & Vitamin E to hydrate and soften dry, rough feet. Infused with a fresh mint scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 193 reviews
V. Rasmijn
Best smelling foot cream for results!

I have to stand a lot on my feet at my job, often on high heels. So when I come home my feet are super sore and dry. After a shower, I massage this cream on my feet before I go to bed. The next morning, my feet feel so soft! Also the smell is really pleasant; creamy shea butter with a light peppermint smell. Its thick, but not greasy. Easy to apply and sooks in quickly. After a couple of nights using this cream, some of my callus under one my foot even came off!! I think I don't even need a pedicure anymore, this does the job to maintain the feet's softness ;) I'm hooked!

Leidy Chavez
Is amazing

My mother love this foot creme thanks

Excellent cream

Only cream, from many i have tried, that keeps my hills from cracking

Jodi Klein
N0 doubt best foot cream

Best foot cream on the market. I highly recommend

Tenisha Smith
First Use and I was SHOCKED...I wanted to cry..

I purchased this foot cream last week and received my shipment within 5 days or so. I don't know what's going on with my feet, especially the right one. But I've been dealing with cracking, peeling and rough dry heels for the last year 1/2. I have tried Vaseline and put socks on right after, I've tried all types of oils and I've tried foot therapy balms. You name it, I've tried it. Since this pandemic, my face started breaking out again because I have to consistently have a mask on. So, I decided to order my Aloe Face Gel, which has done wonders for my acne prone skin. Since Aruba Aloe Gel worked so well on my face and I saw my skin clearing up within a week, I decided to purchase Aruba Aloe Luxe Foot Creme to hopefully rid my feet of this dry, cracked madness.. I mean, either it would work or it wouldn't. If it didn't work, then my next stop would be to a foot doctor. I'm going to make this review short. I put the luxe creme on my foot after my shower and I immediately felt the cream absorb into my skin! I'm not talking a barrier of cream just sitting on top of my skin, no! I could actually feel the product absorbing into my dry cracked feet! OMG!! So, I put on my socks, climbed into bed and hoped that when I wake the next morning that my feet wouldn't be dry. Well, guess what. NOPE!! My skin was soft! No dry cracked skin. So, I put more Luxe Creme on my feet! Lol. I just want my soft feet back! I'm so excited because I can go to bed tonight without my socks on (of course after I apply more Luxe Foot Creme) and actually TOUCH MY HUSBAND's SKIN without him jumping for dear life because he might get scratched. And me not being embarrassed because of my tough, dry, cracked feet! THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT! I'm in love!

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